Patrol Hard at Work

Copper's Ski Patrol works hard to keep all of our guests safe so they can have fun across the mountain! We appreciate everything they do day in and day out. Check back to the Copper Blog often for new photos! 

Patroller David Engdahl looks out of Copper Bowl at Copper Mountain Resort

Patroller Dave Engdahl at the top of Copper Bowl, Photo: Sadie Whyte

Skiing with Kids and Beginners: 5 expert tips to grow their love of the sport

By Lisa Blake

Copper Mountain Ski and Ride School Manager Mike McFarland shares key advice on how to ensure a successful experience for your beginner.


1. Take a Lesson

Trying to wing it often leads to frustration and exhaustion for first-timers. A well-structured lesson introduces beginners to fundamental concepts before they ever start sliding on snow.

Never Take it for Granted

By Sally Francklyn

My family has a ski cabin in Leadville, so I grew up skiing at Ski Cooper (and my dads backpack when he did hut trips). When I “graduated” from Ski Cooper at age eight, we began skiing at Copper Mountain. (This was before Super Bee and all the other lift “upgrades-” I remember when it used to be called B1 and B2.) I joined Junior Ski Patrol at Copper when I was 15 years old. Patrolling for ten seasons made me realize that hard work and commitment were necessary for success. I made some really close friends, and helped with some pretty traumatic events.