Growing Up on Copper Mountain

by Tracy Greenhalgh

I remember the first time I set eyes on newly opened Copper Mountain in the 70’s. We had just moved to Colorado and I was 12 years old, the first year my dad showed me how to buckle into stiff ski boots and dig into tight bindings with that satisfying c-l-i-c-k. I had a Copper Mountain lapel pin stuck into my snowball hat (no helmet then) and I still remember my giddy feeling as I stared up that beautiful mountain, loading onto the chairlift as the crisp, intoxicating scent of pine floated on the frigid air that stole my breath.

Safe Skiing and Riding at Copper Mountain

by Tracy Greenhalgh


Happy (and Safe) Holidays         

While sleigh bells jingle on Pandora and that mug of hot cocoa is steaming on your desk, you’re dreaming of all that fluffy white powder you’re going to dive into over the holidays. You’re plotting first tracks in Upper Enchanted Forest and to pack in as many turns as your burning quads can stand. At the end of the day you want to be plopped down all noodle-legged, pink-cheeked, and windblown to bask in the fire’s glow with your brew in hand, right?

Olympic Dreams

Copper winch cat operator, Paul Hoagland, builds world class race courses

By Lu Snyder

One needn’t go far in Summit County to bump into an Olympic hopeful, contender or champion. They come here to train. They come here to live. Paul Hoagland came to Summit County with an Olympic dream—but his was a little different than the others.

“I’ve always liked winter sports, especially skiing,” he says. “I was never competitive, though. It was always just for fun.”

Woodward Barn Intro Session

by Samantha White

An Intro Session is a 2-hour guided tour of The Barn at Copper with a Woodward Coach assisting you along the way. This session is offered to anyone interested anywhere from ages 7 and up (children that are 5 and 6 must be accompanied by a parent). Throughout the duration of the session, visitors can gain better insight on how to properly use The Barn’s features safely and maximize their potential for air awareness and progression.

The Walker Family

by Sally Francklyn

Meet the Walker family. Jennifer Walker works in the ski and ride school. Their son Colby is a ski patroller, and their other son, Wicks (shortened from Alex, when Colby was young and he couldn’t pronounce those two syllables) works in the trail crew. Since Copper Mountain opened in 1972, and Jennifer joined the ski instructing team in 1977, she’s almost been there as long as the resort’s been turning its’ wheels.