by Kayla Petering 

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Kayla Petering and daughters walk in the snow at Copper West Lake, Copper Mountain Colorado

Okay so you're headed to Copper Mountain AND you're bringing your kids and wondering what options you will have. If you're anything like me, you want to do more than sit in the lodge and watch them run around like crazy. The good news is Copper Mountain has about a million kid friendly things to do and I have a three month old and a three year old so when I say kid friendly, I mean kid friendly at any age! Whether you're packing up for a weekend as a family or bringing your kids along on your weekend getaway with friends, there is more than enough to do!

I’ve compiled a list of our top five things to do while at Copper Mountain. These are things we have primarily done with our three year old but I have to say having her along has only added to the fun and I hope this list only helps you further enjoy all that Copper Mountain has to offer.


Small child learning how to ski at Copper Mountain Colorado, Summit County, Colorado

1.      Ice Skating - You probably thought my number one would be skiing BUT seriously there is nothing better than ice skating! This activity is fun for pretty much anyone. This was particularly fun for us because over the summer we visited and Jessamyn totally recognized West Lake as the lake where we went boating and zip lining so having that connection brought a whole new level of awesome to ice skating. There is also hockey nets and broom ball equipment available for use which could lead to hours of fun and competition and what you're wanting to do. For us, it was a enough skate around the lake a few times and then move on to my second activity.

2.      Roast Marshmallows - There are actually several fire pits around Copper Mountain where you can roast marshmallows! They even have the roasting sticks available and smores kits for purchase (we brought our own because I might have a complete obsession with unique flavored marshmallows) so really you just have to show up and enjoy. I had always thought about roasting marshmallows as a summer activity but paired with some freshly falling snow and maybe a cup of warm hot chocolate, it is the perfect activity to do with kids. Okay, really it is the perfect activity to do with anyone and everyone but if you have never seen the face of a three year old holding a perfectly roasted marshmallow on a stick, you are missing out.

3.      Tubing- This one does have a 36 inch height requirement but as long as your kids meet that, this is an awesome activity to do! You can purchase tickets in the East Village and sessions last for one hour. You don’t have to bring anything fancy they provide the tubes and it is so much fun. If your child cannot ride in a tube by themselves, there is another option! Critterland - which we have not personally been to yet but it is opening soon - has all sorts of activities including a tubing carousel perfect for little ones not quite ready for the tubing hill.

4.      Woodward - Woodward Copper has so much to offer. Depending on the age of your child, there are different activities. Intro sessions are for ages 6 and up and include a two hour introduction to the Barn and all the different features of the facility. If your child is under age 6, another option is weekly classes which range from age 1-7 depending on which class and generally meet on Saturdays and Sundays. These classes are really great for helping with coordination and balance and we are hoping personally will help Jessamyn as she learns to ski and further her skill set and coordination on the mountain. Even if your child doesn’t ski yet, these are great classes and options for working on balance, coordination, and body awareness.

5.      Skiing - (I know this one is obvious but…) This is our first year skiing with our three year old and it is absolutely amazing! Copper Mountain is a great place to go skiing with kids because there is so much varying terrain for your child depending on their skill level. Our daughter is only just starting out so we have stayed very close to the bunny hill and even that has been so much fun and just an amazing experience. I would definitely recommend bringing your child skiing. It is a memory you don’t want to miss. I would mention do a little research before you come - our daughter is pretty small and it took us a minute to find skis to rent/buy that worked for her height. I should also add that Copper Mountain has ski rentals available so even if you show up unprepared or change your mind and decide you want to try skiing with your kids there are options!

Child holds hot chocolate walking through Copper Mountain Center Village, Colorado

Okay so that is my list! We’ve spent basically every weekend up at Copper Mountain since Thanksgiving and still haven’t run out of new things to do. Which by the way a close runner up to my top five (if you are staying with Copper Lodging which I highly recommend) is just hang out at your condo and swim. When I suggest that, our three year old light up like it is Christmas morning! The main thing with kids or at least that works for us is to plan ahead, go at their pace, and bring a lot of snacks. At the end of the day, whether you fit in ten activities or just one, it is the time spent together that is going to create those beautiful winter memories your child will be able to look back on and love.

Oh and P.S, In case you need a little kid free time check out Kids Night Out and Belly Button Babies and Bakery for child care options and fun.

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