The forest is a magical place. A place to get in touch with nature and forget about the outside world. While you’re probably familiar with hiking, biking, skiing and snowboarding, there’s a different way you can whisk through the trees: on an alpine coaster.

This is not your typical rollercoaster. Instead of being built out of thin air, an alpine coaster complements the natural pitch of the terrain it’s built on. Individual carts make their way down the track by the force of gravity hugging the contours of the mountain. This is what makes it so unique and fun – you won’t find any two alpine coasters the same.

An aerial view during the summer of the Rocky Mountain Coaster at Copper Mountain

New in 2017, the Rocky Mountain Coaster at Copper Mountain comes in as one of the longest alpine coasters in Colorado and North America. The elevated track carries you 5,800 feet down the hill at speeds up to 25 miles per hour. You’ll take in the scenery of the mountain (and spy some skiers on the American Flyer lift) on your way up. Hooting, hollering and the wind whipping through your hair will keep you plenty occupied on the way down.

A man rides the Rocky Mountain Coaster at Copper Mountain, Colorado

On a Summit County, Colorado ski vacation, adventure can easily be found off your skis or snowboard. That’s where the Rocky Mountain Coaster comes in. The Rocky Mountain Coaster at Copper runs year round weather permitting. For more information including rider requirements and tickets, click here.

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