by Samantha White


Copper is special to me because most of my progression doesn’t just lie in my abilities as a snowboarder but also the way I shape my outlook on life. Whether it’s getting fresh powder turns in the middle of winter to those beautiful sunny days dialing tricks in the park, I just can’t walk away without a smile on my face.

A group of friends enjoy a powder day snowboarding at Copper Mountain

Photo: Chip Proulx

The best days I’ve had are the ones with friends on a powder day; it’s so effortless to have fun. If the runs have been tracked out we’ll usually cruise through the trees to find some leftover powder. It’s such a quiet and serene feeling to take your own line and occasionally you’ll hear your friends over yonder, giggling to themselves. These are the days that I realize how grateful I am.

Blogger Samantha White enjoying at powder day at Copper Mountain

The satisfying days that make Copper special to me are the days I spend in the park. Riding laps in the park with friends are incredibly fun, but it does take an amount of progression to get to a point where you’re comfortable and safe. I can’t even begin to admit how much time I’ve spent hiking Copper’s features to get to the point where I’m at and even still, those easy-fun days just don’t always happen. The park has really opened my eyes to see what a determined person I have become and if I can’t turn that focus on, it’s okay to let go and find my creativity elsewhere on the mountain.

Whether it’s eating tacos at Mahi’s with friends, riding a powder day, or laps in the park the most important memories I keep are the ones with my friends at Copper. That's what Copper makes so special to me, is being the best person I can be and enjoying those memories with friends.

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