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Photo of Jack Mechem, a lift operator at Copper Mountain

Who – Jack Mechem

Department – Lift Operations

From – New York

Favorite Down Hill Mode of Transportation - Snowboard


Jack has been working at Copper for a year as a lift operator.  Part of his job, being more experienced now, is to train the new operators this year and on this particular day, he was training and operating on Excelerator lift.

The Excelerator chairlift at Copper Mountain in Colorado

Excelerator is a mid-mountain lift that takes only a few minutes to ride.  It’s one of Jack's favorite lifts to work because it is so quick and seeing sunrise from the top of the mountain is always enjoyable.

Lift operator Jake Mechem raking snow from top of Excelerator chairlift at Copper Mountain

Part of every day at any lift is snow work.  Snow work varies from cleaning snow off of chairs, to making sure the top ramp is smooth and not icy.  The views at the top of Excelerator help make snow work more enjoyable. 

Lift operator Jack Mechem operates Excelerator chairlift with another lift operator

Besides being a fast lift, Jack likes Excelerator because he’s very familiar with the lift.  The opening procedure takes a while to learn and goes more smoothly once the operator can find a rhythm.  Here, Jack works on helping one of the other operators learn how to smoothly open the lift.  On his days off, Jack likes to ride the East side of Copper.  If you see him out on the slopes, you know that he’s in his happy place. 


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A bio of Jake Mechem, a lift operator at Copper Mountain.
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