by Courtney Wilson


Let’s be real, it’s 2019. Things are different now. You’re either tapping into Instagram, or you’re missing out.

Right? Wrong.

I could go on and say how the world is wide. I could repeat your parents and say that fresh air is good for you, but no one wants to hear that. You want to hear the truth, don’t you?

That’s why I’ve conjured up a list of five reasons why it’s truly better outside. Only five, so don’t worry it won’t take up too much of your time. And for reference, I’m 23 years young so I won’t trick you into any parental wisdom.  

A snowboarder smiles for the camera at Copper Mountain


#1 Do it for the Gram

“The best way to spend your day is doing things that you can take awesome pictures of.” Even though this sounds absurd, it’s true for most of Generation Z (23 or younger). We want better pictures, more followers, more likes and the best way to get those is to do seriously awesome things. The funny thing is, most of Generation Z doesn’t realize that the life they’re trying to portray can actually become their reality.

Chasing after adventure, skiing & riding through deep powder, and reaching the summit of a mountain; are all the ultimate highs. Quenching your thirst of wanderlust by traveling to places you’ve never been before is a life worth lived. However, the key to this beautiful life of wonder and exploration is the motivation behind you doing it.

Become more than you’ve ever been, for yourself only. Showcasing your journey on social media with the mission to inspire others, alongside having a healthy relationship with your phone, is the ultimate goal. Make Copper Mountain your home and let the byproduct of your adventures be social media, not the reason for them.


#2 Squad Goals

Going outside and shredding the gnar is awesome, but there is nothing better than when you do it with other people. One of the coolest things about living here at Copper Mountain, is the people you meet doing it. Some of the best friendships that I have, were made right here at the mountain.

Something many of us forget about Instagram, is the reason behind it. The key word here is SOCIAL media. This platform was created to connect with your friends and find new ones that are just like you. Once you realize that, so many doors can open up in life. Let’s all meet up here at Copper and become the ultimate #squadgoals.


#3 Own YOUR Adventure

Did you know some people take social media detoxes? Yep, many people today feel that social media actually makes them feel so bad that they need to delete it from their phone. Many of these individuals complain the main reason why is low self-esteem from comparing their lives to others on Instagram.

One of my favorite quotes I constantly remind myself of is to “run your own race.” Everyone is different. Everyone has been dealt a different deck of cards and it all comes down to how you choose to play yours.

The best way to tackle these feelings isn’t to develop negative emotions towards social media, it’s to change the way you think about it. Social media is an opportunity to show others your passions. Show others what you’re all about. Get out on the mountain and take your version of a sweet landscape shot. Go ride the American Flyer bubble chair and take a selfie with your best shredding friends. Create your own destiny, and don’t let other people change the way you view yours. Time spent here at Copper Mountain is incredible, no matter how many followers you have.


A snowboarder takes a turn through snow at Copper Mountain


#4 Skiing > Scrolling

I remember when I used to get lost in my Instagram feed, for hours. I would tirelessly scroll through pictures of people I didn’t even know, and really didn’t even care to see. I wasted so much time doing something that was negative for my mindset. It took away my motivation to do anything but lay on the couch, munch mindlessly, and scroll. Around a year ago, I decided to make a change.

I decided to put down my phone whenever I felt like I was wasting my time. It was hard at first, but then it became a habit. I realized I was missing out on so much around me. That next year, I skied 52 days while in school and I was taking 18 credit hours on top of that. The secret is, if you really are passionate for something you can find the time for it.

My motivation was off the charts, I felt physically better, and my grades improved. Don’t let yourself fall into the bottomless pit that is your feed. Instead, fuel yourself with adventure. Quench your thirst for powder here at Copper Mountain, and you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve.



The worst thing about social media is FOMO. We can all agree that the “fear of missing out” is a terrible feeling. Watching our friends’ stories and seeing all the awesome things that they are doing that we aren't sucks. Here’s the thing though, there is actually a way to completely get rid of FOMO. That’s right, I’ve saved the best for last. Be the person everyone else gets FOMO from.

Say yes to new adventures. Ski or ride every single day you can. Get outside. Walk among the pines. ADVENTURE. Pop a couple pictures here and there, throw them on the ‘gram, lift your head up and continue to wander where the wifi is weak. I guarantee you that you will always be missing out if you don’t do anything about it. So chase after what you want most. I can’t promise that it won’t be hard, but I can promise that it will be worth it.


Copper Mountain is calling, you must go. #ITSBETTEROUTSIDE

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