by Lu Snyder


My family and I recently skied a new mountain. Though we studied the trail map intently, we still had many questions remaining as we tried to determine where to go first, what trails to hit, where to find the best views. “Wouldn’t it be great if we knew a local?” we wished aloud.

At Copper, you can – and it doesn’t cost a penny.

Copper’s Ambassador Mountain Tours are offered twice daily, every day of the week, from mid-December into April, weather and trail conditions permitting.

Group of Ambassadors pose for a photo at Copper

You may have seen Copper’s Ambassadors around the base village and on the mountain. They’re the folks wearing bright green jackets with a question mark on the back. The Ambassadors are a dedicated group of long-time volunteers who help guests like you answer questions and make your experience at Copper the best it can be.

They’re also the ones who lead the daily tours. Even if it’s your 100th day on the mountain, you’ll likely learn something new. When you ski with an Ambassador, it’s like skiing with a friend – albeit a new one.

Though tours won’t go into expert terrain, they do cover much of the mountain, from steep blues at Super Bee on Copper’s east side to gentle runs on the west at Timberline and even back into the picturesque south-facing Copper Bowl, so you must be able to ski or ride blues comfortably and in control.

Each tour varies, depending on the Ambassadors, group skier/rider abilities and the weather that day, but by the end of the tour, not only will you know the layout of the mountain, but you’ll have gained some local tips, like where to find the some of the best snow and where to go for the best shot (no selfie stick needed – they’ll take your photo for you) and knowledge about Copper’s history (from the Utes to mining days to Copper’s fledgling years in the ’70s), wildlife and topography.

You may even meet your next ski partner on the tour.

Check out Ambassador Mountain Tours next time you come to Copper. Sign up at Guest Services or simply show up (on time!) at the Ambassador Hut at the top of the American Eagle lift. The tours start at 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. and last about two-and-a-half hours.

Two ambassadors pose for the camera at Copper Mountain

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