by Tracy Block

With Copper Mountain’s 2018-2019 Closing Day soon approaching, the time is NOW to flaunt your spring ski style. Temperatures are on the rise, so now, you can toss a few layers, and celebrate the end of the season with a festive, loud look. Not sure how to embody spring ski fashion in Colorado? Here are a few ideas to help you along the way.


1. Rock a onesie from Shinesty

Whether you’re a local or a visitor, take pride in shopping locally for an awesome onesie from Shinesty out of Boulder. Backed by a team of skiers and snowboarders, this brand prides itself on the creation of “absurd ski gear that will get you noticed on the mountain, and during your après at the lodge,” according to CEO Chris White. “We created a line of ski apparel that is not only high-quality on the inside, but like a shot of Spring Break on the outside.”

For the ladies, if you’re feeing particularly patriotic, throw on the Betsy Ross Custom USA Women’s Ski Suit, or the Club Colada Neon Retro Ski Suit, which pairs perfectly with a post-ski rum (and pineapple) rendezvous. For the guys, try the whimsical Dumb and Dumber Ski Suit in faux denim, or the exceptionally loud Fresh Prints Onesie V2, so you can sport artsy throwback apparel while you swiftly send it! “Each onesie has zipper-induced vents that makes it breathable and perfect for spring skiing,” says White.

Still on the fence about rocking a onesie? Keep in mind that, “Spring skiing is as much as the slopes as it is the party,” according to White. “Nothing brings out the party in people more than the clothes they wear. It is absolutely impossible to have a bad time in our apparel. Just be ready for hearty handshakes, free drinks and wanton eyes from across the lodge!”

Woman in USA snowsuit


Man in colorful snowsuit


2. Throw it back with B Fresh accessories

For those who strive for a look that screams “Shenanigans!” B Fresh has your hookup on the goods. If you’re seeking accents that pop with a lasting impression, you can shop everything from reflective shades to patterned fanny packs!

Over the goggle life? Grab a pair of Van Dopes, ‘80s Visor Sunglasses to give you the freshest look with polarized protection – without compromising the rest of your look. "The designs and functionality are derived from our own pitfalls on the mountains,” says the board of directors ‘Power Bro’ Eric Scott. “[We] got sick and tired of foggy goggle lenses, especially while spring skiing, so we came up with the visor shades!”

Looking for lightweight on a Blue Bird day? The Fanny Pack Wind Breaker will protect you while you shred, and folds into a fanny pack when you’re too hot to handle it! Bonus Option: the Saved by the…Fanny Pack pays homage to Zack Morris and co., so you can keep your valuables handy before after-hours at The Max. And, if ‘70s is more your style, the ’77 Vest is the hand-me-down you never scored from mom and dad!

“The styles are fast, like a well-groomed bomb down a double black,” founder Brian Blake, better known as ‘slowest skier in the crew who always gets ditched, but has five new friends by the end of each ski day’ says. “Now imagine you’re last down the slope from peak to base; your chances of riding alone the rest of the day just increased 10-fold – unless you can quickly spot your crew, or they can easily spot you. But, so what if they ditched you – this gear makes friends quicker than the next chair arrives!”

The Saved by the Bell B Fresh Fanny Pack for spring skiing fashion


3. Rejoin the Freezy Freakies revolution

Recognized as some of the most radical gear around the ‘80s, Freezy Freakies gloves are finally back! Known as “high-tech gloves” that were ahead of their time, loud designs from fighter jets to unicorns and extreme skiers to race cars made these bad boys too cool for ski school. Following a Kickstarter that relaunched the revival in 2015, Freezy Freakies couldn’t even stay stocked! Even though they were originally marketed to kids – who are now all grown up – you can now wear these groovy gloves as an adult – with your tykes.

Since not every skier or rider is hip to full-body fashion, you can represent the retro vibe of spring ski style on your hands, alone! Not sure which style screams “Bro” or “Babe?” Go for the classic Ski Alpine set with true ‘80s neon hues. Still entirely Transformers-obsessed? Then, the Robot pair is a no-brainer.

Freezy Freakies ski gloves



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