by Lisa Blake


What’s the definitive pow-day plan at Copper Mountain? Here, two local experts share their tried-and-true get-after-it agendas.


Ladies first…

Copper Mountain marketing manager Steph Backes offers tips for getting the most mountain mileage.

Marketing Manager Stephanie Sweeney takes a deep powder run at Copper


It’s 9pm, dumping two feet of fresh overnight and you have the next day off to ski Copper.


What time do you wake up? 

I most likely didn’t sleep well. Sort of like a kid on Christmas Eve. I know the snow report will land in my inbox around 5:30am, so that’s when I’ll get up.


What’s in your pockets? 

Chapstick, cell phone, tissues, a snack of some kind (something sugary to keep me fueled up for the high activity). Also, not in my pocket, but I’ve got my beacon on. I always do for big pow days.


Which lift do you hit first?

Sierra, always. Anything under there is great: Revenge, Endeavor, etc. It’s nice and steep plus easy to get to from the front side. This area will typically open first on big snow days versus the back bowls.


Best deep-snow tree run? 

17 Glade or Enchanted Forest are solid options. Also, Union Meadows. Nine times out of 10 you will find deep snow in there days and days after a storm. That area alone is roughly 300 acres.


Best steep and deep?

Anything on Tucker or in Spaulding Bowl. This is where you’ll find Copper’s steepest terrain.


Where do locals hangout on the deepest days? 

I generally follow this rule of thumb: bowl skiing first, trees later. I think everyone around here has their own special spot, but now with Three Bears, it’s a game changer.


What about powder ski demos? 

Go FAT! It’s amazing the difference on how a 95mm underfoot ski performs in powder versus a 110. I’d say go for something wider than 110 and make sure it’s got some rocker to it. Rent all the best brands from Camp Hale Outfitters in Center Village.


Next up…

Copper Mountain content coordinator Curtis DeVore shares his favorite ways to seek and slay fluffy powder day stashes.

Content Coordinator Curtis DeVore takes a powder run on skis at Copper Mountain



The alarm goes off. It’s time to ride. What’s your breakfast fuel?

My go-to powder day fuel is a breakfast burrito from Jack’s Slopeside Grill.


Where do you ski first?

I’ll usually head up Eagle to Excelerator and start the day off with a run down Resolution Bowl. Then I’ll jump on the T-Bar and ski some terrain in Spaulding Bowl. I love that these bowls are wide open up top with lots of cliffs and jumps while offering some fun tree skiing at the bottom.


Do you lap this area? Or head to your next favorite?

I always like to mix up the type of terrain on a powder day. Once I’m done with the bowls, I like to cruise over to Union Meadows for some mellow tree skiing.


Best steep and deep?

Any of the runs off Three Bears and Copper Bowl.


Where do the locals hangout?

Most locals like to ski Spaulding Bowl on the deepest days. We can’t give away all our secret stashes, though. ;-)


Favorite après spot to post up?

After a long day of skiing powder, I like to top it off with a beer and flatbread pizza at Ten Mile Tavern in Center Village.

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Headed to Copper for a powder day? Here are some good tips to follow.
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