Noni Love, Copper’s manager of leisure sales, dove headfirst into helping others during the COVID-19 crisis. Along with volunteering with a nearby resource center to put together food for families in need, Love has been making headbands for doctors and nurses at her local hospital. The headbands have a button on either side, and masks are meant to go over the buttons instead of behind their ears to make wearing them more comfortable.
Noni got the idea from a friend who works in the ER at St. Anthony’s hospital in nearby Frisco. She asked Noni, an avid seamstress who sews, weaves, and knits, if she’d help make headbands. It was a win-win: Noni had been designing fabric before moving to Colorado, and was happy to have a use for some of the material she’d accumulated.
At this point, Noni estimates she’s given away 50-60 headbands to healthcare workers, which her friend is distributing at the hospital. “Our hospital staff is taking care of the most vulnerable people in our community while risking their own health,” says Noni. “It’s the least I can do to provide a headband to make wearing a mask all day a bit more comfortable.”
Noni believes she’s getting as much out of the effort as those using the headbands. “I’ve found that setting aside time every day to be creative and focus my energy on someone else’s needs has been very helpful in dealing with anxiety through this situation,” she says.

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Copper seamstress makes head bands for the safety and comfort of healthcare workers.
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