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Winter is almost here and the rail yard at Woodward Copper has us dreaming of park laps! Park Crew has our entire fleet of “jibs” (anything you can ski or ride on besides snow) staged and recent storms have piled up mid-mountain. Our latest count included one-hundred sixteen rails, thirty-two boxes, twenty-nine tubes, ten wall rides, plus thirty-three miscellaneous jibs like tires, bonks and barriers for a total of two-hundred twenty rideable features! Throughout the season, these metal and plastic creations will cycle through our nine different Woodward Mountain Parks from our beginner-friendly Progression Parks, to Woodward Peace Park, Red’s Backyard and everything in between. Park Crew is gunning for Opening Day. Specific terrain openings will depend on weather and conditions, so stay posted as we approach November 30 to see what’s in store!



A look at Woodward Copper features


Woodward Copper features


Birdseye view of the Woodward Copper features


Woodward Copper features


Another look at WWC features


Woodward Copper rails


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Over two hundred features are waiting for their debut in the Woodward Copper Mountain Park.
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