by Samantha White

An Intro Session is a 2-hour guided tour of The Barn at Copper with a Woodward Coach assisting you along the way. This session is offered to anyone interested anywhere from ages 7 and up (children that are 5 and 6 must be accompanied by a parent). Throughout the duration of the session, visitors can gain better insight on how to properly use The Barn’s features safely and maximize their potential for air awareness and progression.

A Woodward Coach will begin the session with stretching and a few warm-up basics on the tumbling mat with a foam-cheese wedge. From there, the coach then can determine what tips and tools will benefit each individual. These simple tools like a forward roll, a back roll and a side roll can warm up that muscle memory for air awareness and protect the person from out-of-control falls. Then it's time to check out all the trampolines that The Barn has to offer.

Every gym has proper etiquette and guidelines for their visitors; The Barn has guests anywhere from beginners to expert aerialist and it's very important to understand how to communicate properly by calling a "drop" before executing maneuvers into a foam pit or from trampoline to another trampoline. Keeping your eyes open to everything that is going on, is the best way to stay safe. One of the coaches explains it best, “It’s important to have your eyes up or if you’re waiting or standing to have your back against the wall.” A coach will then work with you on several types of bouncing techniques; back bounce, dog bounce or if you’re simply just tired and want to end the bouncing there’s always the "kill bounce."

Depending on what the you're interested in, they can continue the session on the trampolines or move onto the Intro Session in SkateLite. SkateLite is another useful progression tool for air awareness directly assimilated with skiing and snowboarding. A helmet is required, as well as ski boots or snowboard boots. If you don’t have a helmet, The Barn does offer rentals (at capacity) but if you have your own that fits best for you, make sure to bring it! Once the coach gets the individual all geared up, they’ll begin with a few roll-ins on the pump track to help brace the person for the next step of rolling into either two of The Barn’s foam pits for SkateLite. If you don’t have ski or snowboard boots and are just interested in bringing your skateboard, rollerblades or scooter into the foam pit, a Woodward coach can also guide and assist in that particular progression as well.

Whether you’ve never jumped on a trampoline before and have the first-time jitters or it’s the opposite and you grew up with a trampoline in your backyard and tend to be a little overconfident an Intro Session can make you feel more relaxed and comfortable. Make sure to consider an Intro-Session for your first time at The Barn because it’s crucial information to understand and a coach is waiting to give you the best advice on how to have fun!

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Learn step-by-step what to expect as a first time in the Woodward Copper Barn
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